about us

Beyond an ordinary though !

Amigos India is a political advocacy started by a group of young professionals to make a meaningful change in India's electioneering. We use an innovative and pragmatic approach by employing cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, big data, research, and extensive fieldwork. In the last few years, our founding team had the opportunity to manage campaigns and implement government programmes at the national and state level. We believe that we should start with selecting the right people to bring any meaningful change in society. Our methods had given a competitive edge for our clients in the assembly and parliamentary elections, and we never cease to learn.

Mission : Democracies work when they serve the interests of the people. Every individual deserves to be heard when it comes to policies that determine their future. No society is perfect, but the one which operates with a sense of justice and fairness inspires confidence in its constituents. And for that, we need leaders who will listen and formulate policies that are fair. Any meaningful change should start with selecting the right people.

Vision : We aim to build an India that works for its billion-plus people. An India where every political and policy decision takes into account the interests of the poorest and the weakest.

Values : We believe the right action is the best form of politics. We derive our values from the constitution and the teachings of our founding fathers.