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Amigos India is a political advocacy started by a group of young professionals to make a meaningful change in India's electioneering. We use an innovative and pragmatic approach by employing cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, big data, research, and extensive fieldwork.

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Amigos Edge

Amigos Edge - We are an action-oriented team of professionals who come up with innovative and implementable solutions. We reach out to the masses to identify their real problems through extensive fieldwork and partner with committed leaders or organisations to make a difference. Amigos helps committed leaders by giving them the right set of insights and strategies to address the pressing political and social issues. Our team and the technology we employ will help those we partner to measure the impact of the campaigns and strategies. Our methods were successfully tested in assembly and parliamentary elections and were modified with learnings from every campaign.


We go over chunks of databases with a fine-tooth comb to arrive at our election strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI and big data to micro-target voters to ensure measurable electoral outcomes.


We help you to understand the real grievances of the voters and come up with the right policy responses to tackle them.


Specially designed digital interventions to target voters.Create your smart audiences using our platform.


The survey helps the candidate and the party to plan better.General mood analysis through pre and post-poll surveys.


Create your smart audiences from 25,000+ audience segments using our platform—full analytics with granular data. All your custom audience data can be tweaked.